.geNg cOmeL.

Friday, December 17, 2010

oowh..Min! coOpeR

oowh mini cooper..a car that is i always dreams to be mine!i realy love this car.it's soO cute!it's lucky who have it.when i see this car i always wondering i will have it one or two or three or more soon..ahaks. i'll buy it when i become a millionaire one day..i hope so.or there is anyone who want to buy it for me??hee.

flowers mini cooper.it looks feminin right?
theme : flora n fauna

mini in orange colour.its cool..
i wondering that i'm the owner of the car!

hey sexy girl!what are u doing in front of my car??
theme : red is brave

woo...mini race car.owesome!
theme : sporty


this one is more colourful.like dis!*****
theme : mini paul smith

yeay..after airbrush.
theme : mini fantasy

haa...there are realy nice right?hmm..i felt in love with this type of car.its design is simple but cute.i'm thinking when i'll get it one?huk3.i juz only can dreams coz i'm not a millionaire.my dad will never buy it for me.yea..i'm still a student.i dont have my own money yet.i'm juz only have Myvi right now.hmm..that's my 'mini cooper'.isk3.so k..i'll should be grateful with what i have right.
ooowh...mini...wait for me yea!u will be mine one day.i will never let u go!!!


adah..lurf said...

kalu beli oyap deh..nk tupe naik..hahahahahahahaa

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