.geNg cOmeL.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

.a loVe letTer fOr yOu.

Tonight I look up to the sky,
There are a lot of stars,
But I just want to find the brightest shining one,
Then,I see the brightest star there,
It is so beautiful and shining itself,
It is too precious and cannot be compared to anythings,
That is how the way it makes the sky looks fantastic,
Just like you,
You are my only one star,
And always will be,
You makes my day always shiny,
You give me the light,
Then it is a rainy day,
When the rain is stop I see the rainbow,
it is so colourful and beautiful,
it cannot be expressed in any words,
that is how the way it is cheers us up,
give us a smile and happy moments,
everyone wants to get the rainbow,
they have to wait the appearance of the rainbow,
and wonder when they can touch it,
but I don’t have to wait,
coz I have my own rainbow, 
my rainbow is you,
and always will be,
you always will be my star,
you always will be my rainbow,
as long as we can feel our love,
nothing cant change it,
we are perfect together,
in our own fairytales world,
in our own beautiful dreams,
only you and me,
you are my inspiration...
sincerely created by,
.miss amal.

for someone who always there when i need him.who always cheer me up and be my angel to face this unpredictable life that full of fakes.who always give me the strength when I feel down.and who always be my hero to protect me in my life.

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