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Sunday, January 16, 2011

..How I meet my Mr TedDy…

My love story was begin about five years ago.it was started in my secondary school SMK Beris Panchor.I cannot remembered the date but it was after an assembly 0n 2007.my note book was lost when I am walking to my class but I was not noticed it until I reached to my class 3 Agama.when I was found that my note book was lost I’m tried to remember where I put it.but I can’t.i was worried because in the book was contained my phone number.perhaps if someone found my book they will disturb me.
after a few days,I’ve got a missed called from the unknown number.at the first,I am not expected that it was from someone who found my book.then he sent me a message.i replied because I want to know who was him.so,started from that day we was be friends.his name was Akid.he told me that his uncle Ameer and his uncle’s friend Syazwan from 5Beta whose found my book.i told him to get back my book from his uncle.i am lucky that they was returned it back to me.after a few days,his uncle contact me and he told that he want to be my friend.i said fine why not.so,we always mesagging.but about a month we lost contact.however I did not care much about it.

Then about two months,another man was message me.he want to know me.he asked me my name.you know what I was replied to him??i said that my name was Shah Rukh Khan.i also called him “mangkuk tingkat”.hehe.because of my nonsense answers he was interested to know me and be my friend.he told me that I was a quite funny girl.so,I was accepted him to be my friend because I thought that it was not wrong if we had many friends.by the way,his name was Syazwan.so,from day to day we were became more close.although at the time I was already had a boyfriend but it was not be a problem because I only treat him like my best friend.yea..he was really a good friend.he understand me more than my boyfriend.when I got a problem or got fought with my boyfriend he always be my side.he gave me a good advice and told me to be patient.when I was sad,he gave me the strength and cheered me up.he told that he did  not want to see me sad and wasted my tears.he always made me happy with his jokes.he was a funny man.i was started to like him from the way he treat me.

one day,he told me something that I did not expected.he told me that he like me and if he can he want me to be her girlfriend.i was shocked but I was not mad.i don’t know why.i told him that I admitted I also like him but only as a friend.he said it was okey and he was willing to wait for me.he believed that,one day I will accept him.he was so confident with his words.although he was too hope but he never told me to left my boyfriend.he don’t want to be such a greedy man.he also don’t want to be the reason for me to left my boyfriend.but,he said that if one day,I clashed with my boyfriend he will get my heart.he will ensure that I will be his love.he don’t care how hard it will be.what he know that only me will be his first love and only me will be his girl.ohh dear…

One night.my boyfriend had called me.he told me that he want to clash with me.the reasons were:
      1-“My exam was just around the corner.i need to focus on my study.”(it sounds that he was so good right?!).
     2-“He scared that he cannot to make me happy.”huh!such a stupid reason.

I admitted that I was so sad.however I just let him go.he want it happened like that so I just followed it.we are the same school.at school,I always avoided to meet him.when he called me,I just ignored him.i don’t want to see him or talked to him anymore.he told me that he was regretted by doing that.but,it was too late.i will never accept him anymore.it was enough for him to hurt me.once he left me,he will never had a second chance to be with me again.he told me that this love was killed him.served him right!heyy..did u looked I care..??

When I was in the sad situation there was someone who always with me.who was always patient to wait for me..SYAZWAN..that was a good news for him because he can get my heart.so,a few weaks after I was broke he was purposed me to be his girlfriend.i was in dilemma weather I have to accept him or not.i asked my friend Sarah to help me.she told me that just accept him.he such a kind man.Syazwan waited for my answer with hope.he scared that I will say no.after I thought about it I found the answer.i told him that I was willing to be his love although my heart was not belongs to him yet.he was so happy and excited to hear that.

it was on 5th October 2008 I was formally be his girlfriend.he promised to take care of me better than my ex-boyfriend and never let me hurt.he will love me like he love himself.started from that day,I was promised that I will love him with the deep of my heart.yes..i was really did it.although there were a few times we got fought but it made me to be more matured.throughout our relationship,he taught me a lot of things.he taught me the way to love.he taught me about the true love not the puppy love.he was always there when I was felt down.he give me the happiness and removed all my sadness.he was really cares about me as well as he can.he want me to be the best for him,for my family and for my friends.he want me to be his first and the last one.he told that when the time comes he will purposed me to be his wife.Insyaallah…I am waiting for the time.i hope our love will never be end.sincerely I am really love you my teddy,Syazwan..!

p/s: if my English tak betul sorila ye!saya nie takdela teror sgt bahasa mat saleh neh.broken English jek.lau nak gelak pom silakan.trimas!

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

- Courtney Kuchta -

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fuuhhh,, terer ma your english.. ni mesti blajar ngan Sir Nik Mashrol ni?? kan2.. hahaha