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Saturday, January 22, 2011

..waiTing fOr hiM..

today i'm wake up early at 8.30 a.m.yea..it is early for a weekend like this.yela..sepatutnye dapat bangon lewat lagi dalam kol 12 ke..hehe.tengok my roomate tengah syok tido macam hari tak siang lagi jeles lak i.rase macam nak kacau diorang je.sleeping beauty betol lah diorang tuh.yela today i terpaksa bangun awal coz i have a date.yea..my Mr.Teddy want to come here to pick me up.ooh my dear,i am so excited.i sanggup bangun awal coz nak jumpa u tau babe.tapi i dah tunggu u lama ni tau.dah hampir 2 jam.i mesej u tak reply.i nak kol kredit tak de..babe,u nak datang ke tak ni?why u make me waiting like this.are u alright my dear?please dear..reply my mesej.i cannot stand like this.i have to know what are u doing right now..!

 yea..thinking of him..

yea..he col me.he's otw now..ooh babe..please hurry up.i can't wait to see u again.yesterday we'r already having a great day.u make me feel so happy babe.i feel so lucky for having such a wonderful man like u babe.u make my life is full of love.hmm..looking of ur smile make me feel so happy dear.u make me smile and laught for every moment i'm with u.everytime i am with u,i feel this world are ours.i dont care for other people.what they are said about us.they dont know what we feel right babe?they dont know how much we love each other.only u and me.ooh..babe..thanks for everything.there is no other man in my life.only u dear..believe me and believe to our love..

p/s:sometimes you will never know who loves you with his deep heart.you just ignored them untill you lose your true love.and when you are realize it,it is already too late.so,appreciate the people who love u the most not the people who yuo like the most.:)

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